Custom 'Join Server' Btn

Can you please custom the 'Join Server' Btn Text? It is not familiar context to Korean. So we need to change the text. Can you provide the function or customize our domain ?
Rhys52d ago
@이실장 Could you provide the text you want and I'll add a manual override for now? In the future we'll make it so you can select the language you want to use, but I'll get this fixed for now
이실장52d ago
질문하러가기 I would appreciate it if you could display the above text regardless of whether person logged in or not
Rhys52d ago
👍 Will do
이실장47d ago
Thanks a lot Could you kindly let me know when you would be able to apply it? @Rhys
Rhys47d ago
Updated, sorry for the delay @이실장
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