Custom CSS on own domain hosted enterprise starter package?

Are we able to use custom CSS and what would we would we be losing out on if we just self hosted form your github repo?
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Rhys51d ago
@Towellie custom CSS / HTML isn't supported yet but is planned - What's the main goal of custom CSS is it to just customize the colors of the site or is it also the layout? As for self hosting, we currently don't have an easy way to do that which is the main blocker - The other aspect is easy of updates and scaling as we'd handle all that for you
Towellie51d ago
We absolutely love the service and the indexing in google is amazing but we dont feel too strongly on the design or dark mode and would really like to brand it the same way as the rest of our domains. We have some extremely experienced devs and it seems everything that is needed is included in the github repo we just not 100% sure on how the deploy procedure and how to create the docker image etc
Rhys50d ago
Gotcha makes sense, we don't have self hosting docs at the moment but let me see if I can find some time over the next week to create something for that
Towellie45d ago
That would be wonderful! THank you so much! Hey @Rhys hope all is well! Just wanted to reach out and see if you had any time to take a look at this 😄
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