Mark as solved via API

I am thinking about whether this bot would be applicable in some server that already has its own bot-supported help system. Is it possible to mark a question as solved via some API? I wouldn't really want to require users to use both the server-tooling and the Answer Overflow bot in order to mark a question as solved (and I would also only mark posts as solved instead of messages since solutions often span over multiple messages). I guess the only solution would be to add a solved tag with the bot (or to not mark questions as solved). I assume this would work and not change anything about consent?
We don’t have a marked as solved API but I can support that, wouldn’t change anything about consent it’d just be POST m/id { solutionId } Lots of communities have their own support systems so it’d be good for us to support that
Does a mod/bot tagging it with a solved tag work as well? Should I create a feature request in #feedback?
Sure, if you could describe how it’d best work for you that’d be helpful I can make it appear as solved on the site, but the actual solution won’t be highlighted since we won’t know which message it was
well I think in many cases and at least with the tooling I'm working (and possibly others as well), there isn't a single "solution message" idk how this works with other servers But ig in cases like that, it's probably fine to just not display it as solved on the website

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